This Guy Is A Real Wiener

Meet Jason Stoll of New Port Richey, Flori-Duh. Jason was selling hot dogs in the roadway in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is illegal according to the city’s ordinance. A police officer warned Stoll, and that’s when things got interesting.

A New Port Richey man was arrested on a felony charge Saturday after authorities said he threw a hot dog at an officer who was warning him of violating a city ordinance.

Officers said Jason Stoll, 47, of New Port Richey ignored the warnings and continued to sell hot dogs in the roadway Saturday around 12 a.m. after his street closure permit ended.

First of all, who sells hot dogs in the highway, and second of all, who buys hot dogs at midnight while driving down the street? Okay, Diego the Idiot Detective would buy them, but no one else would.

Stoll was asked to put the hot dog down but authorities said he continued his attempt to sell it. Stoll then became “extremely upset” before he intentionally threw the hot dog at the officer.

I imagine the officer had his gun out, while screaming, “Drop the wiener! Right now!”

7 thoughts on “This Guy Is A Real Wiener

  1. The guy sounds like an asshole, but arresting him for felony weiner assault? As Brandon would say, “Come on man…” The cop sounds like he has the potential for being an asshole too, but hey, he was probably just enforcing the law of maximum hassle and the DA will dismiss everything anyway, so at least he made the guy spend a night in jail and the DA do some paperwork to dismiss everything.

    I’m curious if anyone knows how Kilvinski’s law would apply here. He comes at you with a weiner, you come at him with… maybe a bun?


  2. RG – When I was in patrol, I got sucker punched by a drunken female. As I was trying to throw her to the ground, her brother started punching me from behind. The judge in the case dropped aggravated assault charges, and wanted me to forgive them and shake their hands. I turned around and walked out of the courtroom.

    The bitch eventually became a Philly cop, only because the ag. assault charges were dropped.

    I’ve been hit multiple times, and never locked up someone unless I was legitimately injured.


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