Welcome America, Indeed

So every year at the beginning of July, the city of Philadelphia schedules the “Welcome America” celebration, which consists of awful rap music, fireworks, and a boatload of crime. This year was no different, as two police officers were shot while they were detailed to the event.

Two police officers suffered non-fatal gunshot wounds when gunfire erupted at a large 4th of July fireworks display in Philadelphia.

Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer assigned to highway patrol suffered a graze wound to the head. Another officer, a member of the Montgomery County bomb squad, was shot in the right shoulder.

Both officers were standing at their post when some animal started firing into the crowd.

A photo shared with FOX 29 by Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 boss John McNesby shows a bullet stuck in the officer’s hat. “It is miraculous the fact that the round stopped in his hat,” Outlaw said. “I think initially it went up the inside and hit his forehead and then the round stopped in his hat.”

Unfortunately, our jackass mayor decided to open his mouth, and started ranting about the awful Second Amendment. He did however, say something that made me smile…

Kenney candidly spoke about the frustration he’s felt as Mayor, at one point telling reporters that he’s looking forward to not being mayor anymore.

“I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time,” Kenney said. “I’ll be happy when I’m not mayor, so I can enjoy some stuff.”

Believe me, 1.5 million people cannot wait for you to leave, either.

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