Amber’s In Trouble. Haven’t You Heard?

Actress Amber Heard is apparently under criminal investigation by the Land Down Under. An Australian court is investigating Heard for perjury and for smuggling her two dogs into the country without quarantining them.

Actress Amber Heard, who was mocked and criticized after losing her defamation lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp, is reportedly under criminal investigation in Australia.

“The 36-year-old actress is the subject of an ‘ongoing’ perjury investigation related to court proceedings stemming from her infamous visit to Queensland with Depp in 2015, when she broke Australia’s strict quarantine and biosecurity laws by failing to declare the former couple’s Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, when she flew into the country.”

“Heard was charged with two counts of illegally importing the animals in July 2015, however the case was closed when she pled guilty to falsifying travel documents in a Gold Coast court in April 2016.”

After getting trounced during her b.s. domestic violence claims against Johnny Depp, how hilarious would it be if she was arrested for smuggling in two dogs to Australia?

The report said that Australian officials have confirmed that they are currently investigating Heard for perjury for allegedly lying to law enforcement about the circumstances surrounding her importation of the dogs into the country.

It never ceases to amaze me how Hollywood types believe they can get away with anything. Like the WNBA player Brittney Griner, who was caught with narcotics in Russia and thought they would just let her walk away. Griner may be looking at ten years in a Russian prison.

9 thoughts on “Amber’s In Trouble. Haven’t You Heard?

  1. Hollywood elites do think they are the exemption to all rules. I love it when karma catches up to them. I see Griner has implored president Biden to come to her rescue. I suppose he will, unfortunately and no lesson will be learned.


    1. I don’t think he will. Biden doesn’t have the cojones, and after bragging through the campaign how he would “handle” Putin, he can’t afford the embarrassment of a showdown with Putin where he loses.
      Plus, the kneel for the anthem crowd is already in the Biden camp. He’d run the risk of further alienating the “she made her bed let her lie in it” crowd.


  2. Ronni – He’s ignored her pleas so far, and I think he doesn’t want to confront Putin.

    Mike AKA Proof – The chick was walking through the airport with drugs, and thought she would get away with it because she’s an athlete. That doesn’t work in Russia, and despite the left claiming it’s a “show trial,” she was caught red-handed. She is also looking at ten years in prison, if not more.


  3. She used to be very pretty, BUT she’s approaching 40 from the back end & her looks are fading. Unfortunately, she’s cast herself as the perpetual victim & won’t give up that role. We’ll never see the end of that succubus.


  4. Proof beat me to it about the hot/crazy scale, but it DEFINITELY applies in this case. More than that, the Griner story gives me the warmest fuzzy in a LONG time. I’m pretty sure her trial has started. I look forward to her being convicted and sentenced to Russian prison. Maybe when she finally gets out and comes home to the greatest country in the world, there might be the slightest small percentage of a chance that she will quit hating on America since it is the greatest country on the planet. FU Griner, languish in a prison for actually being guilty of the crime you’re charged with.

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