Biden Moving Oil From Strategic Reserve

“President” Joe Biden has announced his fraudulent administration will be releasing a million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Reserves

The nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve was created in 1975 after the Arab oil embargo caused fear and angry gas-station lines across the country. The underground reservoirs, believed to be the world’s largest, were intended as an emergency oil-savings account for an actual energy crisis threatening national security.

The SPR was not intended for a political crisis when Joe Biden’s Democrats face midterm election annihilation over inflation and outrageous gasoline prices above $6 a gallon caused by the same president’s ideological war on fossil fuels.

Biden’s announced “plan,” which drew considerable criticism, is to draw down a million barrels a day for 180 days from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve stored in vast underground salt caverns in Texas and Louisiana.

Sounds great, right? Lower gas prices for all Americans! Well, not exactly…

No, Biden’s Energy Department has sold millions of barrels of oil to the same energy companies the president has been loudly denouncing for making excess profits off gasoline sales.

Much of the oil recently sucked from the SPR reservoirs is now sloshing around in giant oil tankers en route from U.S. reservoirs to the higher prices of foreign markets abroad.

So F. Joe Biden is releasing American oil, and instead of keeping it in America, he is sending out to foreign countries. If you think gas prices are high now, wait until August comes around. We’re all going to have a lot less money after this clown leaves the White House.

3 thoughts on “Biden Moving Oil From Strategic Reserve

  1. What in the world does it take to boot this jerk out of office? Oh, wait a minute… then we would be stuck with Kamala Whore-ass.


  2. The only thing I can do is keep pasting “I Did That” Brandon stickers on every gas pump I visit. Doesn’t do any good, but it sure makes me feel better. Brandon is a complete douche. He needs to go so we can get on with impeaching Kamalala. Being done with the both of them is a great idea. That is, only if Hateful Nancy is gone first.


  3. Mike47 – Kamala is galactically worse, and it’s hilarious to make fun of dementia Joe.

    RG – Yeah, if they both go, you get President Pelosi.


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