New Jersey Is A Garden Garbage State

The states of New Jersey, arguably one of the most corrupt states in the union, is also filled with incompetence.

I addition to overtaxing residence and putting out leftist executive orders, Bergen County now has an E-coli problem in the county’s water.

A water utility company is asking residents in several towns in northern New Jersey to not drink their tap water after E.coli was detected in water samples following a water main break earlier this week.

The communities affected are Fairview, Cliffside Park, Ridgefield, Edgewater, Fort Lee, Palisades Park and Leonia.

Bergen County. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

A Veolia New Jersey spokesperson said that following a water main break in Ridgefield on Monday, water service was restored on Tuesday but water samples taken from the area of the break on Tuesday and Wednesday detected E.coli.

It takes 24 hours for results to come back and Veolia says it could take several days before they can lift the advisory.

So if you’re in northern New Jersey, don’t drink the water, or take a shower. Oh never mind, very few people in Bergen County ever bathe regularly.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey Is A Garden Garbage State

  1. It could happen to anybody.

    It is just strange that it keeps happening in places like NFJ, NYFS, NYFC, Baltimore, Philly, Chiraq, LA and Frisco. I wonder why?


  2. I read that the NJ gov is one of the possible names on the 2024 ballot, along with the idiot from Cali. I can’t decide which name I’m looking forward to more on the (R) ticket: Trump or DeSantis. Either way, I think I’ll start looking into popcorn stocks.


  3. Any predictions as to whether they’ll get raises next year?

    You know they will. And you’ll continue to pay more for their incompetence.


  4. Bilderback – Well played.

    RD – Mostly because the infrastructure of these leftist cities have not been upgraded since WWI.

    MelP – Phil Murphy is one of the top five worst governors in America. He has zero shot at the presidency.

    J-Dub – So the water has E.coli and herpes?

    Rudy – 100% chance they will get raises. One. Hundred. Percent.


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