Easily The Worst People In Florida

Meet Christina Calello and her former boyfriend Geoffrey Springer. They were a loving couple who cared for their dog, and always kept the animal close to them. Really. Too. Close.

The Florida Woman charged with receiving oral sex from her dog confessed to the crime and told cops that the male Husky, named Loki, was just “being curious,” according to a felony complaint.

Christina Calello, 36, and Geoffrey Springer, 39, were arrested Tuesday and charged with sexual activity involving animals, a felony. Police identified Springer as Calello’s former boyfriend.

In case you scanned over the first paragraph, this piece of garbage blamed the dog!

Investigators say they recently recovered a video–shot by Springer–showing “the animal performing oral sex on his ex girlfriend.” The video was stored on a flash drive in a “folder titled ‘XXX Sex Videos Loki.’”

Springer identified Calello as the woman in the video, according to cops who noted that both Calello and the woman in the clip have a “heart shape tattoo on her hip area.” Additionally, Springer said Calello “has engaged in 30-50 sexual acts with the dog in a time span of 8 years.”

I try to be a reasonable person when it comes to sentencing, but I would absolutely agree to life in prison for both of these borderline humans. Seriously, life in prison.

5 thoughts on “Easily The Worst People In Florida

    1. Not sure I have ever thought any sex was boring. I’m sure my previous girlfriends thought I was, though. Must have been the clown mask I would wear.


  1. Cool, not only do we live in a world of pedophilia, now we have to put up with bestiality. This is seriously creepy. Either that or I’m the abnormal one. Pretty sure it’s not me. Life in prison seems reasonable. But, it seems reasonable for all the pedophiles, groomers, and other perverted wackos.


  2. I remember a case in San Francisco (who’d a guessed that?) many years ago where a woman had been having sex (actual, ya know, sex) with her German shepherds for several years, and ended up murdering a neighbor for some reason I can’t remember. That’s how the (you know) came to light. She was a videographer like this one.
    Some people’s kids. . . .
    (And when I say “several years ago,” I mean “several decades ago.” One good thing about getting, uh, experienced (not like her, or them, though) is, you acquire a treasure trove of stories to gross people out with.)


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