Phil Murphy: New Jersey’s Bag Man

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, arguably one of the top five worst governors in America, ordered a ban on plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and other eateries.

King Philip the Unaccountable decided to add reusable bags in these locations and charge thirty-three cents for every bag. Natch, New Jersey didn’t want to spend even more money during a recession, so Jersey people did what Jersey people do.

Shortly after New Jersey enacted a strict plastic bag ban three months ago, employees at the Aberdeen ShopRite noticed something unusual — the store’s handheld plastic shopping baskets were vanishing.

They soon realized brazen shoppers who didn’t bring their own bags and didn’t want to buy 33-cent reusable bags were simply leaving the store with their groceries stuffed in the shopping baskets.

Wow, who could have possibly predicted this… except everyone in America?

And the Monmouth County store is not buying new shopping baskets, making the bins the latest grocery store convenience to disappear in the aftermath of the plastic bag ban.

While the New Jersey shoppers are in the wrong here, they are not fully to blame. Murphy put out this ridiculous order, claiming it would keep New Jersey clean, while the state is still as dirty as any other.

Philly’s incompetent mayor put out this order a few years ago, and it’s such a hassle. When I stop at the convenience store before work, I have to juggle a few drinks and whatever food I’m having for lunch/dinner.

The only good news is Philly residents close to the city border decided they would drive a little further to the suburbs, pack their groceries into bags, and screw the city out of revenue.

4 thoughts on “Phil Murphy: New Jersey’s Bag Man

  1. These re-usable bags could come in handy. After wrapping them tightly around the governors head, they could be used on other dimwits in government.

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  2. This one doesn’t make sense to me.
    Where’s the potential for graft?
    NJ pols are like NY pols except more corrupt, if less slimy.
    They don’t say hello without getting a piece of the action.


  3. RG – Murphy doesn’t have any brain cells, so that wouldn’t be the best idea.

    Veeshir – It doesn’t make any sense, unless he has been hoarding paper bags for a year. Which may be true.


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