Those Sneakers? You’re Soaking In It

A sneaker designer hooked up with Heineken beer to create “Heinekicks” sneakers where the soles are filled with Heineken Silver beer.

Dutch beer company Heineken recently teamed up with sneaker designer and customizer Dominic Ciambone, aka The Shoe Surgeon, to create a special sneaker with beer-filled soles.

To celebrate the launch of Heineken’s newest product, Heineken Silver, the Dutch brewer commissioned The Shoe Surgeon to create a sneaker that embodied the identity of their smooth, easy-to-drink new beer, and he delivered. The so-called “Heinekicks” feature the company’s iconic color scheme – green, white and red – as well as the Heineken logo, and handy bottle openers built into the tongues. But what really sets them apart from any other sneakers is the liquid floating in their transparent soles – actual Heineken Silver beer.

I mean, I guess it’s innovative, but until they get a mechanism to drink said beer, this is nothing but a waste of time. Wake me up when they activate the beer pump.


3 thoughts on “Those Sneakers? You’re Soaking In It

  1. Is it a step up that sneakers used to use air as a selling point and now they use beer?
    They could combine this with Air Jordans and have Kegerator sneakers to go with Beer Hats.
    Useful for sporting events where beer costs $15/cup.


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