NC Sheriff Won’t Tolerate An Uvalde

The sheriff of Madison County, North Carolina has obtained an AR-15 rifle, a breaching tool, and a safe to minimize the chance of an active shooter in their schools.

Madison County schools in North Carolina, which are part of the Asheville statistical area, are going to have AR-15 rifles at every location for the 2022-2023 year to help prevent a tragedy like the one in Uvalde, Texas.

In an article published Friday by the Asheville Citizen Times, Sheriff Buddy Harwood said, “We were able to put an AR-15 rifle and safe in all of our schools in the county.” Harwood went on to say that they put breaching tools in the safe along with extra magazines with ammo.

Sheriff Harwood is a forward thinker, and hopefully this catches on in other North Carolina counties.

Sheriff Harwood said, “I’m a firearms instructor. We carry a (9mm) 135-grain bullet,” and “We’ve got the maximum 50 rounds that my SROs are carrying throughout the school to protect that school.”

According to the Asheville Citizen Times, Superintendent Hoffman made sure law enforcement could monitor school camera systems and, in late July, met with school officials and the county’s Emergency Operations Center about the new safety measures being implemented.

So the sheriff’s office will be monitoring the school’s cameras, the school resource officers will be armed, and the AR-15 and breaching tool are in the safe. It’s high time other local law enforcement officials follow Sheriff Harwood’s lead.

10 thoughts on “NC Sheriff Won’t Tolerate An Uvalde

  1. Mike AKA Proof – The sheriff also stated his officers and SROs would not hesitate if the worst happens.

    Cathy – Absolutely correct. They don’t like normies having guns, but they sure believe their leftist overlords should have them.


  2. If you really want to make the schools safer?

    Do not rely on one single “School Resource Officer” that may not even be there that day. Ask for volunteers from the teachers, staff, and administration to be trained and concealed carry in their school. Screen them mentally and physically, pay for their training and practice, give them a small stipend for days available.

    Uvalde had a school resource officer. He was “Offsite” twenty freaking minutes away. He rushed back and drove right past the sick murdering b@st@rd in the parking lot to apprehend a teacher instead.


  3. Last year, I moved from CA to Arkansas. After the Uvalde shooting, my brother told me that there were some threats made to shoot up a school here, but it didn’t happen. Why? Well, the police AND the citizens found out about it in advance & went & stood in front of the schools to protect the children…armed to the teeth.

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