Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

A group of people were holding a class reunion in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, when a tree fell on the group, injuring eight people.

Eight people were injured Sunday afternoon when a large tree fell on a group having a class reunion party in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, then another tree fell hours later.

The eight people who were injured are between 66 and 67 years old, police said. The group was celebrating a reunion for the West Philadelphia High School class of 1972. Action News was told six people were injured immediately after the incident, but that number increased on Monday.

“Every man ran across this park to go pick up heavy tree branches together to get them off the classmates,” said Hagains.

After I was promoted, we had a case where a college girl was jogging through the park when a branch snapped, and immediately killed her. Worst job I had ever seen. Pretty girl, young and vibrant, gone in a flash because the city doesn’t keep an eye on older trees or trees that were damaged by storms.

4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

  1. Many larger cities aren’t doing anything about their dead trees in parks, etc. until they have branches falling off. We have had several people injured while out on the bike path and in parks here in Iowa. How on earth can a tree be considered more valuable than a human life? I don’t care what it costs; take the thing down!


  2. Blue cities don’t have to worry about these things. No worries if someone dies from a falling tree. It just means a new dem. voter.


  3. Ronni – 100%. Trim the trees, and cut down the dangerous ones. It’s not difficult, people.

    Cathy – Sadly true, especially in Philadelphia.


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