Buy Two Lots At Bargain Prices!

The Ensminger family of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania are placing their properties on the market at bargain basement prices. For $150,000 you can own two fabulous islands in the Susquehanna River.

Two Susquehanna River islands in Harrisburg that have been in the same family for over a century are up for sale.

Brothers Robert and John Ensminger are selling Independence Island and Bailey’s Island as a pair. The asking price is $150,000, but that’s negotiable.

“If somebody wants them, we’ll take a look at any offer,” Robert Ensminger told PennLive.

I should buy it, then wall it off from other humans.

Robert Ensminger said Bailey’s Island, near the Harvey Taylor Bridge, is about 2½ acres, while Independence Island is about 5 acres, although it used to be slightly larger before the river reclaimed some of it.

While you can purchase both islands for very little money, the islands are designated “open space property,” which apparently prohibits building homes there. Pfft, lame.


4 thoughts on “Buy Two Lots At Bargain Prices!

  1. Ronni – $150,000 for an island you don’t really own. Pass.

    Rudy – And far enough away from Three Mile Island.

    Veeshir – I guess you can bring a hammock and a rifle, and tell the others to pound sand.


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