The FBI: Once A Nazi, Always A Nazi

President Trump posted on Truth Social yesterday and claimed he believes the FBI may have planted evidence inside his residence during the raid. Trump asked why everyone in the building was forced out, and there were no witnesses of what the SS were doing.

Not going to lie; I trust Trump much more than the Nazi SS.

Former President Donald Trump suggested the FBI may have planted evidence during the bureau’s raid at his Mar-a-Lago home because members of his team were blocked from watching the agents.

Things may be different for the Nazi SS, but police departments usually serve warrants with at least one resident inside. This way, they cannot claim things were stolen or damaged during the search.

In a Truth Social post on Wednesday, the former president wrote that “the FBI and others from the Federal Government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the raid on Mar-a-Lago.”

“Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting.’ Why did they STRONGLY insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out?” said Trump.

Again, I will never trust or believe anything the Nazi SS does or says until the entire organization is eradicated. To be honest, at least most people in Germany knew what the SS was doing. The fascists at the FBI hide their unconstitutional actions.


11 thoughts on “The FBI: Once A Nazi, Always A Nazi

  1. no way, not possible if Garland is AG (a guy who would have easily been confirmed for SCOTUS). From your other post about the raid, OCRA mentioned a sealed affidavit. A buddy sent me a link for: Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 41. Search and Seizure, especially sections B & C. If there aren’t ‘receipts’, any case/charges, etc would easily be thrown out, wouldn’t they?

    I don’t know how this differs from state or local laws, do you?

    Also, there’s a mole and it’s probably Meadows. Wasn’t Trump’s team told to cease contact with him just a few days before the warrant?

    (f) Executing and Returning the Warrant.

    (1) Warrant to Search for and Seize a Person or Property.

    (A) Noting the Time. The officer executing the warrant must enter on it the exact date and time it was executed.

    (B) Inventory. An officer present during the execution of the warrant must prepare and verify an inventory of any property seized. The officer must do so in the presence of another officer and the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken. If either one is not present, the officer must prepare and verify the inventory in the presence of at least one other credible person. In a case involving the seizure of electronic storage media or the seizure or copying of electronically stored information, the inventory may be limited to describing the physical storage media that were seized or copied. The officer may retain a copy of the electronically stored information that was seized or copied.

    (C) Receipt. The officer executing the warrant must give a copy of the warrant and a receipt for the property taken to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken or leave a copy of the warrant and receipt at the place where the officer took the property. For a warrant to use remote access to search electronic storage media and seize or copy electronically stored information, the officer must make reasonable efforts to serve a copy of the warrant and receipt on the person whose property was searched or who possessed the information that was seized or copied. Service may be accomplished by any means, including electronic means, reasonably calculated to reach that person.

    Also also, DeSantis ’24 !


  2. Link to Steve’s material above:
    Big question is whether Trump’s attorney(s) were given a copy of the warrant and a receipt for item(s) removed. Eric Trump’s interview with the Daily Mail suggests otherwise, but does not explicitly say so.

    Bigger question: Asked this yesterday, I know, but after rumination it seems even worse. Report now is there were in excess of 30 FBI agents; numerous agents were photographed carrying fully automatic rifles; all were armed and in body armor.
    Mar-a-Lago security is handled by the U.S. Secret Service.
    Did the FBI advise USSS of the impending raid? Seems unlikely.
    If not, was the number of agents involved, as well as the weaponry carried, for the purpose of being able to overcome USSS on the premises? If that was not the purpose, what other purpose could there be?
    If the FBI is going to conduct surprise raids on targets protected by the USSS, how long until an “accident” happens and we see a massive gunfight?


  3. Garland just said that they’re unsealing everything.

    Warrant and property receipt were given to Trump’s lawyers on day of search. (surprise, Eric lied.)

    Time to see the truth.


  4. Did you see that some people are advocating digging up Ivana Trump? They’re sure all the hidden documents are in her coffin.


  5. Ronni – Obama was a big fan of weaponizing the FBI and the DoJ. It’s a two-tiered system in American anymore, and we’re the bottom tier.

    Steve – Mark Levin said the other day that Trump may not be able to release the copy of the warrant (if he received one), because the Gestapo can claim there is classified info on the warrant.

    Okrahead – Last I read was the lawyers were shown a copy of the warrant from about ten yards away. I doubt the Gestapo left a copy of the warrant, but it’s possible.

    Steve – I don’t believe a thing Garland says. How many times has he called conservatives domestic terrorists? Garland is the Hitler of the DoJ, and I would not trust anything that comes out of his hoor mouth.

    MelP – Wouldn’t surprise me, since the left are horrible, disgusting subhumans.


    1. Welcome back. I like Levin but a warrant wouldn’t have classified info on it; now the affidavit maybe??? And, to be fair, Garland didn’t call them domestic terrorists; the AG memo is readily available. (side note: parents who threaten school boards should be charged, IMO.)

      I did see that CPAC called themselves “domestic terrorists” last week. Quick GIS of “CPAC we are all domestic terrorists”. They put it in lights. Possibly influenced the FBI Cincinnati shooting yesterday.


    2. Their reasoning was because Ivana was cremated, but her cremains were put into a lead coffin that took 10 people to carry it. So because it was so heavy, the documents HAVE to be in there.

      Oh, and did I mention that she received a Roman Catholic funeral? Gawd, these people are stupid.


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