Well, I’m Back!

Did you miss me without missing me?

The family and I have been in the Outer Banks for the past two weeks, and my word, did I need a vacation from work. We weren’t able to come down here last year due to logistics problems, but this year make up for it. Our rental is gorgeous, it’s 300 yards from the beach, and we’ve had deer in our backyard every day.

I have been waking up and jogging four miles a day, every day – with the exception of last Sunday, because I was so exhausted. We’ve spent four to five hours on the beach, and with the exception of one bad jellyfish day, the climate has been pretty fantastic.

When we haven’t been on the sands, we took a few times outs to check some of the local goodies. One of our first was a trip to Fort Raleigh, the first English settlement in America in 1587. One of the park rangers sent us down a path to the bay, and told us to look for the white and red buoy. It marks where the fort extended before the bay, three hundred yards away.

The photo above shows some of the artifacts found at the fort…

The same day we went to Fort Raleigh, we also visited the Manteo Aquarium. It seemed small at first, but wow, was a great place. A giant tank filled with sharks, a place for the kids to help rehabilitate injured turtles – online, obviously – and an amazing short film about the sinking of the Monitor.

Plus, there was a petting zoo, where we could pet stingrays, horseshoe crabs, and sea urchins. The kids loved it, as did I.

We also spent the day at the Wright Brothers Memorial. We’ve been there before, but it’s always a fun trip. At our first trip, we took photos of the kids standing next to the landing markers, and I did the same this year. You may notice Julia’s photo above, where she took photos with all the statues… because she’s weird.

We were able to get in two rounds of mini golf. I won the first game, and Kyle won the second. It was the first time I won a family game of mini golf in years.

So, I’ll be able to reply to comments more quickly, and try to get posts up more frequently. It’s difficult to blog as often as I do when you’re on vacation. Things will be back to normal a.s.a.p.

14 thoughts on “Well, I’m Back!

  1. Ronni – The rest of the family is on their way home now. I have to work tonight, so I packed the Jeep with everything I could, and drove the nearly seven-hour drive home. It’s a really nice drive, so I didn’t mind.

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  2. Only been to the Outer Banks once, just for a day and a half and alone. It was a great place and I’ve always wanted to go back. Really enjoyed the Wright Brothers museum. Glad you had such a great time. I’m jealous.


  3. Mark – Thanks. Our house was great, and only a few hundred yards to the beach. Julia spent most of her time in the water, while Kevin was scouring for driftwood. Brought home a good amount, but he has no idea what he’s going to do with it.

    RG – Second time we’ve been to the Wright Brothers, and it’s still great. Little tough walking the hill when it was 95 degrees, but we did it.


  4. The OBX (as the kids call it) is a great place. The better half and I went there this past spring, and we also went to Ft. Raleigh. I don’t understand the mystery of what happened to the Lost Colony; there’s a sign outside Ft. Raleigh that says, “Fragile earthworks, Do not climb.” The Indians couldn’t read English! Sheesh!
    Kitty Hawk is well worth the time. You can do it in an hour, and there are very few places you can stand and say, “Here is where the world changed.” Kitty Hawk is one. (Los Alamos is another, but you’ll have problems if you get caught standing there.)


  5. Old 1811 – The rangers at Fort Raleigh were great. Sent us out to the water so we could see how far the original fort spread out. I also stopped by the Corolla Fire Department. They have a great t-shirt place there, and I bought a fire department shirt. All proceeds go to the fire company.


  6. I went once, loved it.
    Then some jerk in a bar told me to look closely at the edge of the waves as they lapped the shore.
    Don’t do that. It’s full of lady-bug size or slightly larger beatle looking critters.
    I still went in the water, but I had to put my denial on full blast.


    1. We had two days of red jellyfish. They’re the stingers. Julia walked out about a foot in the water and said, “Nooope.” Every other day she was out 200 yards.

      Oh, F-18 Hornets fly over the beach all the time, and we saw a giant shark a few hundred yards out. Was big enough that we saw half the shark go airborne. We stayed close to the shore after we saw that.


  7. We’ve gone the OBX 3-4 times.
    First time stayed in New Bern and I loved seeing the Osprey from the Marine base fly overhead.
    Other times we stayed in Avon. Great place for a vacation !!!


    1. Didn’t make it to Macon, but Raleigh was fun. OBX is a great place, and the only slightly scary part was our last mini golf game. There was thunder in the area, but we finished before it got too crazy.


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