Moron Nearly Leaps To His Death

A few years ago, the family and I went to Arizona to see our friends. We were able to go to the Grand Canyon, and while the kids loved it, we kept them far away from the cliffs. Some people never learned that lesson, especially this jackass.

“Touron” is a word created by combining tourist and moron, and is defined as someone who does something stupid while on vacation. In Yellowstone National Park, for instance, tourons are constantly getting too close to bison, some with disastrous results.

Well, stupidity isn’t solely reserved for Yellowstone, as one touron in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah proved.

TouronsOfYellowstone’s Instagram page posted video of a tourist leaping over a lookout railing and falling backwards upon landing, and sliding to the edge of a cliff. Had he kept sliding a couple more feet or so, he’d have met his demise.

The guy who taped the leap – who is not affiliated with this moron – posted the video at the link. The man was a couple feet from falling to his death, and honestly, it’s a shame he didn’t go over.

I sincerely hope the park rangers had him arrested.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link.

7 thoughts on “Moron Nearly Leaps To His Death

  1. Gary – Well, he was in Utah.

    Veeshir – I’ll submit the affidavit tomorrow afternoon. He really was a few feet from going over the ledge. I assume he will learn nothing.


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