New York Is A Garbage City

A naked black man was walking through a New York City subway stop, and hardly anyone gave the man a second look. The man was only wearing black socks and a Covid mask.

New Yorkers barely flinched Thursday as a naked man wearing nothing but dress socks strolled through a Manhattan subway station and onto the street, according to new photos.

Jaded straphangers seemed unsurprised at seeing the apparently disturbed man, as he sauntered out of a No. 6 train car and onto the City Hall subway station platform at about 9 a.m.

Some didn’t even look up from their phones while others glanced at the NSFW scene and gave little reaction — either oblivious to what was happening or taking the old-fashioned New York approach by minding their own business.

New York was great when Giuliani was in power, but his successors have turned the city into a drug-infested war zone with a Soros DA who refuses to prosecute criminals. No wonder New Yorkers didn’t even blink their eye at this naked dude.

7 thoughts on “New York Is A Garbage City

  1. If you pay attention to crazy people, they pay attention to you.
    When there are violent iceholes who serially push people into the path of subway cars, you really don’t want crazy people to pay attention to you.


  2. Veeshir – Been my motto since I got on the job. Ignore the crazies, lest you want them coming toward you.

    RD – Not at all. There’s a front photo of him at the link. Flabby.


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