A Very Publix Spectacle

Imagine you’re the manager of a Publix store. It’s opening day, the celebration begins, and shortly thereafter, a heavy thunderstorm comes through and floods your underground parking facility.

Welcome to Florida.

Just a few hours after a grand opening event for the new San Marco Publix, heavy rain and wind blew through Jacksonville Thursday afternoon — creating standing water in the parking garage below the store.

Obviously, this isn’t Publix fault; it’s just bad luck.

The San Marco area is prone to flooding, as locals know too well, so some shoppers said they are shocked that a better design wasn’t put in place to stop this from happening.

The new store, located at the corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue near San Marco Square, is in Evacuation Zone B – a flood hazard area.

The good news is Publix made a killing by charging the customers for using their swimming pool.


9 thoughts on “A Very Publix Spectacle

  1. Who makes these decisions? I lived in Florida for three years, and I’ve traveled all around it, and I’ve never seen a below-ground parking garage, for a simple reason: The water table is about three feet below the surface everywhere in the state. I love Florida, but in truth it’s a glorified sandbar with good PR.


  2. Old 1811 – There was a part of the story saying it was close to the water, so why even consider than garage?

    Mike AKA Proof – Or Jack Dawson, may he rest in peace.


  3. The construction industry in Florida is graft from top to bottom, and has been since Disney came to town…Like Vegas..


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