True Detective Stories

Well, it’s been a while since I put out a True Detective Story, and after my first day back, I already have a Diego story.

So Friday night was awful. We had four detectives and toward the end of the tour we were stuck with a shooting incident, an overdose death, and a domestic shooting. The Red Menace and Salma Hayek were busy working jobs, so I asked the lieutenant for advice. He said to Diego could take the case, and he went on the floor to ask him.

Here’s where it gets to Diego-level idiocy.

You see, Diego didn’t want to work overtime Friday evening, so he told the Lieutenant something hilarious and idiotic. “I’m pretty sure I have court tomorrow morning.”

The lieutenant stopped in his tracks, and asked him to repeat what he said. Diego did so, and the rest of us stopped in our tracks.

Before I could open my mouth, the lieutenant replied, “Diego, tomorrow is Saturday. There is no court on weekends.” He is, by far, the dumbest person I have ever known.

11 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

    1. Last night he was telling us how he lost so much weight. He said, “I went from 272 to 158!” We all stopped and looked at him. I replied, “So you lost more than 100 pounds?” Dummy cannot even do math right.

      He lost twelve pounds, not 100.

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  1. I’m with ChiefJayBob. Diego True Detective stories are always a treat. Pretty frustrating for you, but pure gold for us. You didn’t mention if he ended up working OT after the Lt caught him in the lame excuse, or as some say, lying.

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  2. CJB – He is the gift which keeps on giving.

    RG – About twenty minutes ago, I gave him a stolen gun job. He replied, “Aww, really?!” I said, “Yeah, because everyone in the squad has had a job but you.” The clown truly thinks he should be able to sit at his desk all day and do nothing,


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