A Grim Anniversary For America

Yesterday marked one year since the illegitimate president made a hasty retreat out of Afghanistan. An ill-advised maneuver which left thousands of Americans and Afghanistan allies stranded in a country taken over by the Taliban.

Marine veteran Chad Robichaux, who was on the ground helping to evacuate American citizens and U.S. allies, joined “Fox & Friends First” Monday to recall what many critics call Biden’s “botched” withdrawal after U.S. forces left the Taliban-controlled nation.

Robichaux, who served eight tours in Afghanistan, is a co-founder of “Save Our Allies,” an organization dedicated to rescuing Americans trapped behind enemy lines.

Lest we forget, thirteen military personnel were also killed after an IED exploded at the Kabul Airport.

“The State Department did announce on July 18th a number that indicated how many of our allies were there,” Robichauz said. “So the applicants, which are our interpreters that fought with us for 20 years, like (Afghan interpreter) Aziz, and that number they announced was 74,274.”

“If you average… 4.5 family members, we’re talking 334,000 pending applications, [and] that doesn’t include who is already here,” he continued. “The rate that they’re bringing people out is 200 cases per week, so it would take 140 years to get all of our interpreters out of Afghanistan at the rate the State Department’s doing it.”

As of February, the State Department claimed there are at least 9,000 Americans still stuck in Afghanistan. (Strangely enough, there haven’t been many news reports of numbers since then.)

The State Department has no intention of rescuing those Afghans who helped us during the “War on Terror,” and worse still, it doesn’t appear that F. Joe Biden will do much to retrieve the thousands of Americans still stranded there.

6 thoughts on “A Grim Anniversary For America

  1. His priority is letting illegals cross the southern border. Disgusting and anyone who voted for him needs to accept responsibility for those killed in Afghanistan since our hasty departure. And all we get from the press on this is crickets.


  2. Ronni – I was listening to Charlie Kirk on the way home from work last night and Kari Lake said she will immediately build a wall if she’s elected governor. Said, “We’re tired of waiting.” Here’s hoping she wins.

    Cathy – There was a story at Ace of Spades which said even Democrats realize Kamala is useless.

    Veeshir – Agreed. One year later, and there are still thousands of people we said we would help are stuck in that hell hole. I guess with all Biden’s atrocities, we can’t remember them all.


  3. This is no different than when the Democrats left thousands of South Vietnamese and Montagnard / Hmong Allies behind when they completely abrogated the Vietnam Peace treaty. They first cut-off all military aid, then forbid any US Military intervention, and finally just abandoned everyone. Peace without any Honor.


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