Miss Piggy Routed In Wyoming

Portly politician Liz Cheney was slaughtered last night in the Wyoming congressional primary, losing to Harriet Hageman 64% to 31%. Couldn’t happen to a more despicable piece of garbage.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was blown out in her primary race Tuesday evening against Harriet Hageman in Wyoming, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Cheney’s loss comes after she chose to fight harder against Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen than she fought against President Joe Biden (D) and the Democrats.

Like him or not, President Trump has been a kingmaker, especially when squishy GOP trolls like Cheney need an ousting. The people of Wyoming finally got fed up with their absent congresscritter, who rarely visited her “home state.”

With approximately 65% of the votes counted, Hageman was leading 64% over Cheney, who only had 31.9% of the votes.

A few people mentioned this at Ace of Spades, but it bears repeating. In the span of a few years, Donald Trump has now ended the Cheney, Bush, and Clinton political dynasties.

21 thoughts on “Miss Piggy Routed In Wyoming

  1. I couldn’t believe her little speech last night especially invoking Abraham Lincoln. Until she’s elected president and shot in a theatre, she needs to keep his name out of her mouth!! I hope she never wins another election.


  2. Bye bye Liz
    Hello happiness
    Bye bye RINOness
    I think I’m-a gonna sigh-i
    with relief, tears in my eye-i
    Bye bye Liz
    Bye bye Cheney name
    It won’t be the same
    It could only get better
    Bye bye you little bed wett-ah


  3. Veeshir – On Bongino’s podcast the other day, he said he had lunch with President Trump. He also said Trump is pissed and is ready to fight tooth and nail against all this b.s.

    Ronni – They’re saying she wants to run in Virginia – her actual home – and she’ll likely win, because GOPe.

    Mike AKA Proof – Fantastic!

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  4. Don’t count out the Clintons yet. If the Democrat can elect a befuddled, infirm, demented fool like F. Joe Biden; surely those same Democrats can elect an incompetent, unlikable, failed non-entity like Chelsea Clinton?


  5. RD – That’s the thing. Hillary will never be elected, nor will Bill, but Chelsea is a horrible candidate. No way she wins a presidential election. A congress seat, maybe, but nothing more. I think the Dems are done with that family and are looking at “stars” like AOC and the other dullards.


    1. She could be snorting coke, and I wouldn’t care. She got rid of Cheney, and that’s good enough for me, considering what she’s doing to Trump right now.

      Also, that Barbara chick posting this tweet is a raving leftist.


  6. She not only compared herself to Lincoln, but she also threw in Ulysses Grant. Then she said she’s going to create a PAC to stop Trump (think the so-called Lincoln Project).

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  7. MelP – Yeah, I’m sure she won’t do anything to stop Trump, but will rake in the dough from NeverTrumpers.

    Mike AKA Proof – I still despise those people from National Review who signed the Against Trump cover; including Thomas Sowell and Dana Loesch. Both could fall off a cliff for all I care.


  8. Hooray, though I’m late to the party. (Had jury duty today.) For some strange reason, after sitting around doing nothing for a long time, the jury commissioner called my number, then told me “The court thanks you, you’re excused.” I guess the don’t want cops of any kind, even retired, being on juries. At any rate… the best news for the last couple of months is seeing this witch get beat. Not just beat but trounced. Not just trounced, but getting her ass handed to her. Don’t let the door to Wyoming hit you in the ass on the way out. For what it’s worth, my county borders Wyoming. They had a big push to become part of Wyoming and leave Colorado. Yeah, like a snowflake’s chance in Hell.


  9. I agree with Raptor, Miss Piggy is a well-respected performer with the Muppets and a true talent, Cheney, on the other hand, has no talent no skills, and only got there based on her last name gee almost like any Democrat.


  10. Has anyone considered that the 64% to 31% margin is really far greater among Republican voters? Within that 31% are probably most of Wyomings Demoncrat voters who were convinced to vote in the Republican primary. This is the likely outcome of the general election when Hagerman runs against a Demoncrat. Pretty much the same as this election when she ran against Demoncrat Liz Cheney.


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