Hardest Working Man In Show Business

President Abraham Lincoln worked tirelessly throughout his term. President Reagan worked from his bed after he was shot. President Trump worked all day and night, usually getting a mere five to six hours sleep. None of that can even compare to the workload F. Joe Biden is pushing. The man is a machine.

It looks like Joe Biden vacations more that perhaps any president in modern history.

Today he is arriving back to the White House from his week-long South Carolina vacation, long enough to get packed and go on another vacation to Delaware.

And now he’s so bold that he’s going on back-to-back vacations.

Well, after working diligently to destroy America, hasn’t he earned another vacation?

Earlier this month, before Biden’s South Carolina vacation, former CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller tallied up how many times Biden has been to Delaware:

By my count, it’s Biden’s 48th visit to Delaware as Pres. His 9th time in Rehoboth Beach.

Now, to be fair, I think presidents should take vacations, as the stress is overwhelming – not for Biden, of course, but for real presidents – but this clown goes home to Delaware nearly every weekend. FJB obviously isn’t working on his ice cream days; he’s just sitting in a chair and drooling into a cup.

13 thoughts on “Hardest Working Man In Show Business

  1. Veeshir – Thirty days in office… you comment is ruled “truthful.”

    Ingineer – Funny how that works. Obumbles played golf all the time and no one ever said a peep.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MelP – He’d likely cheat at that too. Corrupt piece of garbage.

    Ronni – F. Joe Biden is the Diego of American government.

    Cathy – He has to sniff around to find them, but he only finds dust bunnies.


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