NYC Mayor Chides Cops For Congregating

New York City mayor Eric Adams was riding his bike through NYC when he stopped his ride to lash out at a group of police officers who were “congregating” together on the street. Adams, a former NYPD police officer – and a racist – lost his mind after seeing a few officers standing together.

On Tuesday, the New York Police Department released a memo urging cops not to stand together on city streets unless a situation that requires multiple officers is unfolding.

The move is in line with comments made by NYC mayor Eric Adams at an event in Manhattan earlier this month.

Hey dumbass, maybe the officers were “congregating” because they have been targets of thugs for the last few years; assaulted, shot, and killed. Maybe they want strength in numbers, because your fat ass does nothing to ensure your officers’ safety?

On August 6, while out and about on a Summer Streets bike ride, Mayor Adams expressed his frustration with cops standing too close to one another. “How about scattering out, so we ensure safety and deploy personnel?” he said.

Adams added that he was “going to find out who’s in charge” of that particular squad, so he could ask if what they did “came from the top.”

Oh, about Mayor Adams’ racism? It’s 100% true…

Mayor Eric Adams apologized Friday after an old clip resurfaced where the mayor was recorded saying he was a superior cop compared to his “cracker” colleagues during his time in the New York City Police Department.

“Every day in the police department, I kicked those crackers’ ass.”

Wow, what an inspiring leader. I’ll bet Adams has earned the love and affection of his officers.

14 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Chides Cops For Congregating

  1. Mike AKA Proof – My thoughts exactly. Shoot a cop, no officers to get there in time.

    Cathy – If it’s like Philadelphia, at least five to ten.


  2. I got to thinking and concluded that when all the cops leave New York, maybe the IRS agents can step in and take up the slack. We all know they’ll be trained to use deadly force.

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  3. Steve – Yes and no. He is an idiot, but he knows what’s he’s doing.

    RG – I sincerely hope a new Congress defunds this nonsense. We already have a Gestapo and an SS; we don’t need a Stasi, too.


  4. This clown is an actual mayor? Does he realize he has a Police Commissioner that deals with personnel issues like this? Has he ever heard of chain of command? Did he ever get the in-briefing of his job duties? Wow.


    1. He probably watched too many episodes of Blue Bloods where the mayor always tells Tom Selleck how to do his job.


  5. So does that mean you can’t have multiple cops in the police department buildings? Some people look bright until they open their mouths and prove that looks are deceiving.


    1. They weren’t doing any of that. They were conversing with each other about what an asshole Eric Adams actually is.


  6. Mike – We have “supervisors” in our department who say the same thing to cops. We used to nod our head and say okay before making the jerking move.

    Gary – I’d wager these officers would be punished, because we can’t allow stuff like this to continue.

    TXNick – Likely looking out for crime, and for thugs who want to assault them.


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