Chelsi Is An Honest Injun

Meet the absolutely adorable Chelsi Leahy.

Chelsi didn’t appear to pay much attention in school, and she certainly failed the “Street Smarts” lectures while growing up. If she had, she wouldn’t walk up to a cop and tell him she was in possession of drugs.

A Florida Woman is behind bars on a felony narcotics charge after she allegedly approached a cop and asked, “Can you arrest me? I have drugs on me.”

Bravo, Chelsi! *golf clap*

Police were handling a call Tuesday night outside a St. Petersburg bar when Chelsi Leahy, 30, reportedly requested to be busted by a corporal with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Leahy, investigators say, “removed two small baggies from her pockets” and handed them to the cop, saying that they contained methamphetamine.

Well, if nothing else, Chelsi is at least an honest drug addict.


11 thoughts on “Chelsi Is An Honest Injun

  1. Maybe she decided to turn her life around and the only way she could see to do that was by forced incarceration to get off the drug habit, something she perhaps wasn’t able to accomplish on her own do to lack of will power?

    Or she could have just been fu@ked up as a football bat and it was all just a mistake.


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