Because, Oakland

Alameda County, which contains the awful city of Oakland, has banned “wild cow milking” in their county. They haven’t done anything about the murders, robberies, or rapes, but from here on out, you can’t milk a wild cow.

Alameda County supervisors voted Tuesday to ban the rodeo practice of wild cow milking in unincorporated parts of the county following hours of public comment and discussion.

Wild cow milking is just as the name suggests. A two-man team tries to get milk from a cow turned loose in an arena, as defined by the West of the Pecos Rodeo in Pecos, Texas.

Damn, I was really excited to milk that fat cow Ana Navarro.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, known as the world’s oldest and largest sanctioning body for rodeos, does not include wild cow milking as a sanctioned event at its rodeos.

They do, however, occasionally allow a cowboy to milk some of the hot girls in the stands.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the link!

7 thoughts on “Because, Oakland

  1. Nah, Ana just gives sour milk & it will melt away any testosterone that real men have. Which would explain many of the soy boys that are running around in the bay area.


  2. Here in MD we once had at a Minor league baseball game The Cowboy Monkey Rodeo. And yes it was Monkeys riding border collies chasing sheep, then the animal rights asshats got upset and now we get boring 7th inning shows

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  3. The animal rights protesters have tried to stop rodeos but haven’t been successful yet. I have seen that monkeys on sheep dogs show when I was a kid. Hilarious stuff but easy to see why it was stopped. Even red necks have some standards.


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