F. Joe Biden Is An Anti-Semite

F. Joe Biden hosted a “United We Stand” hate crime summit at the White House last week, but curiously, one specific group was not invited to the event. See if you can guess who.

President Biden slammed antisemitism last week at a White House-hosted “United We Stand” summit against hate crimes, but he is being accused by some Orthodox Jewish leaders of excluding them from the event.

The Rev. Al Sharpton requested the summit after the May massacre of 10 black shoppers in Buffalo, and it brought together hundreds of activists and community leaders from minority groups. But Orthodox Jews, who suffer a large number of hate crimes, struggled to make the cut.

Does this surprise anyone, especially after the disrespect Barack Obama showed toward Jews and our Israeli partners? The anti-Semitism doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce CEO Duvi Honig told The Post he tried to RSVP, contacting three Biden staffers and even brandishing an endorsement from the New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s office to be honored as a Uniter — an award bestowed to 16 people at the event.

He didn’t hear back.

Most Democrats, especially leftist politicians despise both Jews and the Israelis. Andrew Cuomo arrested Jews for attending Synagogue during the pandemic, Barack Obama forced Benjamin Netanyahu to leave the White House through the rear exit, walking past garbage, and most leftists said nothing after the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre.

This who they are, folks. They’re letting you know how they feel.


4 thoughts on “F. Joe Biden Is An Anti-Semite

  1. Orthodox Jews are the wrong kind of Jews. They still believe in God Almighty, and not the Partei.

    Reform and Secular Jews are OK. They put the worship of abortion and support the Party above all else.


  2. Well to be honest the “Rev.” Sharpton does have a history of placing the blame on Jews for things. So Brandon having a summit he suggested I am sure he said no *(*&$$#@^(^ better show up.


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