The Perfect Idea For A Shite City

It only took a few decades, but the godawful city of Philadelphia has finally decided to erect bathrooms in the more popular parts of the town. I mean, the homeless will still crap on the sidewalk, but it wouldn’t be Philadelphia if they didn’t.

City health and human services leadership is trying to change that by placing so-called “Portland Loo” restrooms in key parts of the city.

“Public restrooms are a great way to improve quality of life and protect public health, and like many U.S. cities Philadelphia needs more,” Kathleen Grady, Chief of Staff, Managing Director’s Office – Health and Human Services, said in a statement to NBC10. “We are excited to install a free-standing public restroom in Center City next year, after receiving valuable input from individuals, businesses, and civic groups.”

You know what else would improve quality of life? Cracking down on all the murders.

Philadelphia’s five-year budget funds six of the public toilets, each in a different neighborhood, as part of a pilot program, according to a Health and Human Services blog post posted on the City’s website last month.

The city has been effectively bankrupt for years now, so I have no idea how they are going to pay for this. I assume they will fleece the citizens with higher taxes, for restrooms which will likely be unused, because I doubt they will ever be cleaned. The restrooms will be great for drug addicts, though.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Idea For A Shite City

  1. Mike AKA Proof – Even the Chinese don’t want to see our homeless in action.

    Cathy – Nuke the site from orbit, only way to be sure.

    James – My first year in patrol, we had a call for someone in a porta potty. My partner made me open the door. Guy was dead with a needle in his arm, and he was already going through rigor mortis. No fun.

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  2. Most cities are very good at spending money they don’t have. Just what we don’t need, more places for people to “shoot up”.


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