Nancy Pelosi Booed At Music Festival

Nancy Pelsoi, arguably the most despicable subhuman in Congress, was soundly booed when she bloviated about fighting climate change during a music festival in Central Park.

Nancy Pelosi was not so warmly received when she made a surprise guest appearance at the Global Citizen’s music festival in Central Park Saturday night.

It’s a damned shame no one threw tomatoes at her, but New York City has turned their citizens into soy-boys and Karens. Their “tough reputation” died around 2004.

Some audience members cheered on Pelosi but others heckled her from the crowd, with the ruckus continuing for most of her remarks. As boos and cheers continued, several hecklers are heard yelling “let’s go!” apparently looking for the evening’s entertainment to resume.

You can see and hear the boos at the link.

The audience continued to make noise over the remarks as Pelosi closed by saying her grandchildren Paul and Thomas were in the audience – and she had agreed to keep her remarks short so as not to delay more music.

Pelosi’s drunken criminal husband was also in attendance. Here’s hoping he’s driving the family home… after drinking a case of Budweiser.


5 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Booed At Music Festival

  1. Cathy – Yeah, I’m assuming it’s Stella Artois or nothing.

    Ingineer – She suggested she may retire after the election, but I don’t buy that. She craves power.


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