You Better Run

So Kevin is now in high school – wow, I’m so old – and after his first two weeks, he decided he wanted to participate in sports. Specifically, he wants to join the cross-country team.

I was very excited to hear this, because he’s going to my high school, where I ran cross-country and track for four years. I was a pretty average runner, but I loved doing it.

Kevin’s first practice was Friday – the coach doesn’t rush freshmen into the fire so early – and I sincerely hope he likes it. Like all my kids, they have a rule; if you start something, you finish it. It you join a team, you finish the season, and if you don’t want to do it again, that’s fine.

Kevin is already in great shape thanks to Krav maga, so I think he’ll do well.

Kevin’s first two runs were around the soccer field, which he did in one minute and fifty seconds. The second was running around the outside of the high school. You can see his route below in yellow. It took him… three minutes and thirty seconds. His coach said that was a very good time.

There’s more below the fold…

Speaking of, I have been jogging four miles a day, every day, since August. (I was also going to the gym, but stopped for a bit because I had a case of tennis elbow.) When I started, I was sitting around 191 pounds. As of yesterday, I weighed in at 180. 180! I haven’t been 180 pounds since I had Covid – because I wasn’t eating – and haven’t really been 180 since maybe college?

My work pants are are a size 34 and they’re getting loose. I had to use a closer notch in my belt because my pistol was sagging a bit. I cannot imagine myself in a 32 waist, but I guess it’s possible if I keep jogging.

I’m usually not a guy with willpower, but I’ve been trying to avoid bad foods, and just food altogether. I don’t binge eat much anymore, and I am amazed I could lose so much weight just by jogging. I’m only pushing out 12-minute miles, but it seems to do the job.


10 thoughts on “You Better Run

  1. Congrats on the weight loss and jogging. You and I seem to be on the same weight loss path. I have lost 58 pounds this year. Just keep on keeping on!! It is so great when your kids enjoy doing something you enjoyed in school. Best of luck to Kevin!

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  2. Ronni – My issue at the moment is my back is killing me and my knees are suffering from the pain of four miles a day. Taking the day off today to rest up, and I’ll get going again when I feel better. It’s the runner’s high I used to get in high school, and I feel bad about myself when I don’t get out and jog.

    Doc – On day work, I’ll eat two hard boiled eggs, and some pistachios with maybe a cheese stick. I’ll eat a regular dinner, but not scarfing food into my face is definitely working. Did was some junk food on the way back from driving Erik to Alvernia, but I’m looking at eggs this morning.

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  3. Mike AKA Proof – I’m obsessing about gaining one pound. Probably not a healthy habit, but I really want to stay around 180.

    MelP – I’m going to try to see his first race at Lehigh University Friday.


    1. Don’t obsess too much. Your weight can vary by a few pounds depending on what you eat/ how much water you retain. Try to weigh yourself at the same time every day- that helps.
      Maybe add some free weights or pushups to your routine?


    1. Thanks. He ran a lot today, getting ready for Friday’s race. I think his only stress is not doing well, but I told him he’s a freshman, and the coach probably just wants him to finish the race. It’s a 3-mile run, so he should be fine.


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