Spotify Spots Up Your Computer

If you have a PC, you may want to see if the Spotify app was added to your computer. I noticed this the other day on my PC, and thought one of the kids added it. Apparently not. Spotify has been installing itself to Windows computers without any warning or permissions.

Spotify is mysteriously installing itself onto Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs, appearing in the Taskbar when you start up your PC – and I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this myself.

My kids have the app on their phones, but I have no desire for Spotify on my computer.

Starting up my PC this week, I found Spotify’s icon glowing in my Taskbar as other apps were also starting up. It’s an app I use on my iPhone and Mac daily, but it’s never been on my PC as it’s only used for games.

It was the quickest uninstall I’ve done in recent years, as it’s not just a bug, but a potential security flaw. I didn’t allow this app to be installed onto my PC, and while I’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment, it’s made me wonder why this has happened without notice.

Spotify or Windows needs to give us an explanation. Today it’s Spotify, tomorrow it’s The View.


8 thoughts on “Spotify Spots Up Your Computer

  1. Microsoft has been causing all sorts of issues with my computers over the years. My old laptop that had Windows 7 stopped working after one of their updates & a couple of updates ago, my current laptop stopped letting me access my itunes account because I don’t “own it” um WTF???


    1. Melp that happened to me 2 weeks ago Windows wanted to update I clicked sleep so I could update later, my computer updated without me doing anything and it tried installing windows 11 on a system that would not support it. Had to get a new laptop since I could not access anything to uninstall.

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  2. I notice it showed up on my taskbar a while ago. I thought maybe it was a leftover from some app I’d opened. I deleted it from the taskbar. Today, I deleted the program completely. Sneaky bastids!


  3. I wondered how that happened on my computer?

    This is definitely making me consider moving to Apple even though their computers are 2-3X more expensive. My first clue should have been being unable to access my new computer without setting up a microsoft account first.


  4. MelP – I assumed Kevin put it on, but no, it popped up without my permission.

    Gary – Kevin had to completely reboot our computer when we couldn’t make any updates. He took the entire weekend looking for an easier way until he finally said let’s reboot it.

    Mike AKA Proof – Funny how they never add some good stuff to the computer.

    Edward – Not sure why, but it’s odd.

    RD – Since the administration is beholden to China, it’s probably coming from there.

    Doc – First thing I did was use my scans.


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