Arsonist About To Be Freed, Screws Himself

A Pennsylvania arsonist who was about to be released from prison, will be staying a little longer after the inmate threatened to blow up the Allentown Parole Office, kill a police officer, and murder babies.

According to Fox 56, an inmate incarcerated at SCI Dallas in Luzerne County has been charged with terroristic threats after writing threatening letters to the Allentown District Parole office.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, 65-year-old Timothy Koebert wrote a series of letters with threats to blow up the Allentown District Parole office building and put people in body bags, the news outlet reported.

Does Koebert even know how expensive body bags are nowadays? What with the Biden inflation, he’s looking at $50-75 a bag!

Additionally, police allege the inmate took it a step further and threatened to kill a police officer and babies and stated that he intended to light the Allentown Walmart on fire.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, why you gonna burn Walmart like that? They always have low prices!

8 thoughts on “Arsonist About To Be Freed, Screws Himself

  1. He was already scheduled to be released? It sounds like he knows he is a danger to society and he does not want to leave prison. We should honor his wishes.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – I cannot imagine he has any practical skills.

    RD – Maybe he thinks he can’t get all the gas he needs to burn things.

    Cathy – Hot and cold running male inmates…

    MelP – That would not be… ideal.

    Gary – He could be Fetterman’s stroke translator.

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