Russians Troll Europe On Social Media

A group of Russians decided to troll Europe by streaming gas stoves all day and night on social media sites like Twitch, bragging about how they have plenty of gas.

It all started on September 11, when a new Twitch channel aptly named “russiangas1” started broadcasting. The premise was simple – a phone aimed at a stove top with all four burners turned on broadcasting gas being burned 24/7. And if that wasn’t enough, the streamer decided it would be a good idea to show just how cheap burning all that gas would be for them – 1.44 euros per month ($1.35) – at a time when gas prices in Europe are higher than they’ve ever been. A thermometer constantly showed the audience how nice and warm it was in the room, and a digital clock showed that the video was live and not on a loop.

There’s little doubt the majority of Russians are a-holes, so this should come as no surprise. Europe is going have a brutal and deadly winter, because Putin is cutting off gas to the continent.

For the first three days, the russiangas1 Twitch channel had no viewers at all, but then someone found it, spread the word and by September 17, it had already gone viral, getting mixed reactions from the general public. However, its fame would turn out to be its downfall, as on the morning of September 21, the channel had already become inaccessible, apparently as a result of a Twitch ban.

Normally, I would think something like this would be high-larious, but I’m very happy Twitch cut off the feed. Thanks to Putin, and Europe’s distaste for natural gas, there are going to be a lot of dead people by winter’s end.


9 thoughts on “Russians Troll Europe On Social Media

  1. Russia is run by a despicable and cruel tyrant. (Kind like America.) I feel for the people of Europe, but you have to consider the fact they are just as stupid as we Americans with all their green bullshit. I don’t want to see any of them freeze to death, but if they had any brains at all and weren’t a bunch of woke liberal assholes, they wouldn’t be in this predicament. As for the stream, the guy doing it may also have been an asshole, but he definitely was briliant. Ruck Fussia.


    1. Germany, Italy, and France were the worst offenders. They immediately went woke on energy, and now Putin is holding back gas. Hopefully Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, will be smart enough to embrace natural gas and nuclear power.


  2. Self-inflicted damages, as far as I’m concerned. When you hitch your wagon to the idiot US/EU/WEF/Davos, you’re like the guy whose friend shoved you into the bear cage and then shot you in the knee so you couldn’t climb out. This is what happens when your “democracy” is just a sham, and you really have no control over how your governments behave.

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  3. I’m with a bunch of you, self-inflicted indeed.
    The EUnuchs put the lives of their serfs into the hands of Tsar Putin I.
    I’d be surprised if this hadn’t happened. They gave him the reins and a whip, what did they expect?


  4. I just re-read the excerpt.

    Anyone else notice – – EU1.47 = $1.35.
    The Euro is worth less than a US Dollar.
    The Euro has NEVER been worth less than a US Dollar.
    The money folks are saying Europe is Screwed.
    How long before the Euro is just plain worthless?


  5. RC – Agreed. They trusted Russia to save them and after the war Putin told them to pound sand. They closed all their nuke plants, and assumed the Tooth Fairy would save them.

    RD – Did see on AOSHQ that they think Nordstream blew up because Russia was not doing maintenance.

    Cathy – They already know, but like the Biden administration, they don’t care.

    Veeshir – The same country which waited outside Poland until the resisters were all killed, then rolled into Poland claiming they were liberators.


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