True Detective Stories

Tuesday was a banner day in the division, as it was apparently Happy Hopping Moron Day. I have a few stories this morning, but most of them are very short. Welcome to my nightmare.

Incident #1. At approximately 1:45pm, a police officer wrote a report for a domestic violence arrest. The officer works in the next district over, so it would take him about ten minutes to bring up the paperwork. Luckily for me, this dolt brought the paperwork to the division at 6:30pm. So it took this genius nearly five hours to write a report and bring it to the division.

Incident #2. The desk person in the above officer’s district scanned and sent over two reports. One was a domestic assault and the other was a theft. In both cases, the desk person completed all the paperwork we are supposed to compose. So, the detectives who had to write the reports had to erase this moron’s drivel and start all the paperwork from scratch.

Incident #3. We heard the department will be promoting detectives in a month or so. This would be great news, except we heard Tuesday that our division will get no new detectives, because apparently “we have more detectives than any other division.” That is discouraging, because we’re short every single day.

Yeah, that’s about it. Diego was being Diego, but not enough to warrant a post.

2 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Guess writing a report was all that officer wanted to do that particular day. Incident #2 needs notes on how to correctly fill out paperwork. I can’t believe they aren’t giving your division more detectives. Nothing like being overworked and underpaid. Good luck, Wyatt and keep up the countdown.


  2. Ronni – We were as shocked as you were. If we have the most detectives on any other division, this department is in deep trouble. One of my best detectives just put in transfer papers, and another quit on Monday. Last night was “Power Night,” the one day every two weeks where everyone is working.

    We had five detectives, between sick outs, training, or military leave.


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