The Boy Is Getting The Hang Of It

So a week after Kevin accidentally took a wrong turn at his cross-country meet, he totally made up for it yesterday. It was the last regular season meet, and while it was still only his third race ever, he did better than I expected.

After the first half mile, he was lagging in the back, but he was still running okay. He latched up with a teammate, and they ran together through the entire 5k race. As he came around the last turn, he seemed like he was struggling, and as he passed me, I told him, “The final approach to the finish line is right ahead. When you get bear the flag line, you run as fast as you can to make up some time.”

He did so, and shaved a good fifteen seconds off his time. Kevin finished 144 out of 149, which isn’t great, but he finished dead last the week before.

Kevin has never really been a runner, but he’s starting to get into a groove. His coach is very encouraging, and after cross-country finishes, he will continue running for indoor/outdoor track. I think he may like track more than cross-country, because his ankles hurt a lot after racing, but he said he wants to do cross-country and track.

I was very proud of him yesterday. He could have just slow jogged to the finish, but he took my advice and sprinted to the end. Kevin was so excited that he hugged me in front of other people, which he never does. Yes, he has more work to do when it comes to running, but he is truly making an effort to make himself faster.

Oh, and before you ask, I have no idea why he’s making that face while running.


7 thoughts on “The Boy Is Getting The Hang Of It

    1. Kevin’s always been a tough kid, and Erik already said he will train him for long jump and high jump if he wants to learn. Erik was great at both.


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