It’s Championship Day!

Well, the cross-country season is finally ending today, as the Philadelphia Catholic League Cross-Country Championships are set for today. Since Kevin’s team is so short, he will run the Freshman race and likely, the Varsity race as well.

I don’t know how he’ll be able to run two 3.1 mile races in such a span, but he told me, “If they need me, I’ll run again.”

Kevin has never been a fan of team sports. He loves Krav maga, but never really wanted to be on a team, per se. That changed when he entered high school, and he immediately joined the cross-country team – the sport I played in the same high school. He hasn’t been the fastest kid there, and after every race his ankles hurt, but the kid does not give up.

Kevin has already told the track and field coach he wants to run indoor/outdoor, and Erik suggested he try long jump and high jump – events Erik excelled in.

So, wish Kevin luck. Not that it will matter, since he just really likes to run.


5 thoughts on “It’s Championship Day!

  1. RD – Kevin ran the freshman race since the second race had enough runners there. He had a better time than last week, so progress.

    Gary – There was an alumni race beforehand I may want to try next year. Kevin’s coach won this year’s race by a country mile.

    Mike AKA Proof – Kevin went out too fast too early and apologized as he ran past me. Unfortunately, he had an intestinal problem in the last mile and he wasn’t feeling well.

    Veeshir – There were only two freshmen running on his team, and afterward all the upperclassmen told them they did well. It’s nice to see Kevin making friends.

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