Florida Thug Gets A Nip And A Tuck

A Florida arsonist was arrested after throwing a Molotov cocktail at a residence in Plantation Ridge, Florida. The man was allegedly carrying an AR-15 rifle.

Polk County Florida Sherrif Grady Judd told reporters that deputies arrested a Lakeland, Florida man on Sunday for an alleged arson attempt. The suspect, 30-year-old Luke Neely allegedly threw a “Molotov cocktail” weapon at a residence in the neighborhood of Plantation Ridge.

During the chase, Deputies fired on Neely after the second PIT maneuver, hitting Neely with three rounds. Neely was trying to flee on foot while being armed. Sheriff Judd explained that two rounds hit Neely in the right leg, while the third round hit Neely in the groin. Judd added, “That shot changed the looks of his groin forever, if you know what I mean,” implying that Neely had been shot in the penis.

Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Officials said Neely was in possession of an “AR-style” rifle when finally stopped, which initiated the shooting that incapacitated Neely. He was then disarmed from the rifle and another firearm he had on his person. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Well, if nothing else, maybe Neely will never be able to procreate.

9 thoughts on “Florida Thug Gets A Nip And A Tuck

  1. TXNick – I’m guessing the ladies are going to laugh at him harder now.

    Cathy – His new nickname is mushroom cap.

    Mike AKA proof – Right in the genitals!


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