Hey Brother, Pour The Wine

It was a busy night for one New Hampshire State Police trooper Sunday, after he stopped two separate Massachusetts men driving at a high rate of speed while drunk.

New Hampshire State Police officials said a trooper who was monitoring traffic on I-93 in Bow saw a vehicle approaching his location at a very high rate of speed at about 3:20 a.m. Sunday.

The trooper obtained a radar reading of 120 mph as the vehicle approached and passed him. The trooper then stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as 25-year-old Jacob Hulsoor, of Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.

Most of New Hampshire’s roads are pretty good, with long stretches. They are not, however, Formula 1 race circuits.

NHSP officials said the same trooper who arrested Hulsoor had arrested another driver earlier in his shift.

That trooper stopped a vehicle that had been traveling 100 mph on I-93 in Concord and identified the driver as 47-year-old Lionel Desilva, of Merrimac.

You’d think the Massholes would stick to driving in their own state while drunk, and not headed out of state to be arrested.


3 thoughts on “Hey Brother, Pour The Wine

  1. 120 MPH?
    I remember reading Motor Trend in the 1970’s. The cover story was “Double the Double Nickel.” They were trying to find a brand new 1975(?) automobile that could actually do 110 MPH on the track. Spoiler: They couldn’t. Closest was a Dodge Pickup with the tailgate down, and the side mirrors folded in hit 108.


    1. When I was in Germany in ’78, I drove an AMC matador station wagon with a 350ci. on the Autobahn. I got it up to where the speedometer needle was bouncing on the 120 mph peg. I was on my way to CQ duty late at night when I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed headlights flashing behind me as they got closer and closer. When that car passed me, I figured they were doing around 160. I had to pull over and settle my nerves down, after which I slowed down considerably.

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  2. RD – When I was a rookie, we saw some clown steal a Pepsi truck. One of the other cops went into pursuit, and I followed. Apparently people were calling in to 911 saying is was a very high-speed chase. When we were called by dispatch, we were asked our speed. The other officer said, “Um… 90?”

    We were easily running 110, and the cars were shaking really bad.


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