Mommy’s Little Angel

Meet Thomas Pinson of St. Petersburg, Florida. Thomas loves his mother, so much so that she has her full name tattooed on his chest. Funny how his never-ending love always sends him to prison.

A Florida Man who has his mother’s full name tattooed on his chest has been arrested for shoving the 53-year-old woman to the ground during an argument in the family’s St. Petersburg residence.


I mean, it worked so well the first time…

Thomas Pinson, 27, was charged with domestic battery after an argument Tuesday evening with his mother over “financial disputes and job related drama” allegedly turned violent.

Investigators charge that Pinson grabbed his mother Carmon and “threw her to the ground which aggravated an existing injury.” The attack, cops reported, occurred in the presence of Pinson’s father.

Sp he threw her to the ground previously, then threw her to the ground again, making her initial injuries worse. Wow, he seems like the perfect son. Oh, and the crucifix around his neck is a nice touch.


5 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Angel

  1. In front of his father and the dad didn’t do anything?

    Sheeit, if me or any of my brothers had laid a hand on our mother…well it wouldn’t have gone good for us. As he told us…boys, I brought you into this world, I can take you out.


  2. Gary – He looks like that jackass from SNL who was dating a Kardashian.

    TMG – Yeah, I don’t understand why the father stood there, unless he’s infirmed.


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