Feel-Good Friday

Well, Christmas is upon us, and the citizens of Goodrington, UK are doing their best to have kids and adults enjoy the season with their Train of Lights.

Enchanting footage captures a magical practice run for Dartmouth’s Train of Lights 2022 as it passes through the countryside.

Footage shows the Dartmouth steam railway train covered from front to back in vibrant LED lights to celebrate the imminent season of Saint Nicholas.

This is a pretty cool idea, and it certainly will make the youngsters happy.

The Train of Lights 2022 illuminated journey starts at Queen’s Park Station and features vintage carriages decorated with thousands of lights, both inside and out.

Its journey take in the 450-meter Greenway tunnel that “leads you to the enchanted forest which will be transformed by a multitude of lights”.

The round trip costs 85 pounds for a family of five, which is pretty reasonable, and if nothing else, it’ll keep the kids happy for quite a while.


9 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Cool.
    I will say I thought I found the place I want to live but then I re-read it and realized it’s not Goodriddenceton.
    Oh well, back to looking for Sarcasticity.


  2. Veeshir – I was looking to relocate to Hell, Michigan, but then remembered all their sports teams are garbage.

    RD – Nicely played.

    Mike AKA Proof – Well played.


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