13 thoughts on “Physics Teacher Gets Physical

  1. Butch – I work in a war zone here in Philly, and the public schools are awful. I don’t blame her for quitting if she’s working in a place where the students assault teachers. Especially when she’s attractive enough to get an Only Fans page.


  2. Assaulting a teacher or a cop should get anyone doing so a lengthy prison sentence. Even and especially juvies. Throw away the key.


  3. How much does the average only fans account make? A few hundred a month? Yes, some few make lots of money, but the median account? Not much, $150/ month. “The Internet is Forever,” and would you want your kids to see your “content” when they are growing up? Or your family / inlaws? She would be better of offering private tutoring.

    If you really want to degrade yourself? Good Luck!


  4. I remember when Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit said, “Public Schools are Child Abuse.” I thought he was exaggerating. Now I wish the Republicans would make School Choice and School Vouchers their signature policy. The 30-50% of blue city urban populations that actually give a damn about their children would flock to the Republicans.

    I am so happy your children are in private schools. I wish everyone that gave a damn could have the same choices.


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