Florida And Machetes And Arsons, Oh My!

A gaggle of Floridians were celebrating New Year’s Eve this week when the party took a very severe turn. Even for Flori-Duh, this is an almost unbelievable incident.

A Florida home was doused with gas on New Year’s Day and set ablaze with 21 people locked inside, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Four were hurt as the group scrambled to escape through windows.

It happened at a home on London Lane in Bonita Springs, and a motive has not been released. Bonita Springs is about 150 miles south of Tampa.

I’m no detective, but I’d guess the motive had something to do with the psychopath outside.

“Upon arrival, deputies learned prior to the fire (one man) was wielding a machete inside the residence and threatening to kill people inside. (He) then began pouring gasoline through the residence while the second suspect … set the fuel on fire. The two then left the residence, locking the door behind them.”

Thankfully, everyone escaped the residence, and the scumbag animals were quickly arrested.


7 thoughts on “Florida And Machetes And Arsons, Oh My!

  1. Raptor – I’ve had the displeasure of seeing arsons and the bodies with them. I don’t wish that on anyone.

    RG – Cover them with fish and feed then to the sharks.

    Mike AKA Proof – Is there a more annoying spokesperson than the new Jake from State Farm?

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