Florida Man Is A Two-Time Loser

Meet Patrick Abbott of South Florida.

Patrick is trying to make some money for himself, but instead of applying for a job, he decided to rob a Publix supermarket.

A South Florida man arrested for child abuse, accused of dropping a baby at a Walmart, is back in jail for a different crime. On Saturday 31-year-old Patrick Abbott faced a judge on armed robbery charges.

Police say last week Abbott handed a Publix worker a note written on a receipt demanding money, claiming he had a gun. The note read, “read carefully. I have a gun with me and put the money in the bag.”

Honestly, who robs a supermarket? Most of the real money is placed into the safe, and the managers usually take the money when the registers get full. I mean, is this guy that stupid?

The answer is yes.

Police said he was identified by the victim and taken into custody. The gun he claimed to have turned out to be a black stapler.

One wonders if this dolt even placed staples in the stapler. Those things can really hurt!

13 thoughts on “Florida Man Is A Two-Time Loser

  1. People wonder why we think no-bail policies are stupid and dangerous?
    A criminal that only commits one single crime ever in his life is a unicorn.


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