Horse Beats Competition Without A Rider

A horse assigned to the Tokay Stakes in Japan won its race without the help of his jockey. The horse, Vanyar, had his jockey fall off the horse right after the race began, and the horse finished first without its rider.

The Tokay Stakes 2023 horse race at the Chukyo Racecourse in Nagoya, Japan was technically won by a racehorse that ran the entire race without a jockey.

Vanyar, the no.5 horse in the Tokay Stakes 2023 horse race, was disqualified from the competition, even though he crossed the finish line first and technically won. Those are the rules when a racehorse loses its jockey during a race, but that takes nothing away from the horse, on the contrary, it only makes its achievement that much more impressive.

I’m guessing the horse’s instinct clicked on and it just ran.

Although Vanyar can be seen lagging behind after the fall of its jockey, as the race progresses, the horse can be seen moving up in the pack until it ends up in contention to win. The commentators take notice as well and they get all excited on the final stretch when Vanyar somehow digs deep and crosses the finish line first.

Sadly, Vanyar was not announced the winner, since it had no jockey. Pretty impressive race, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Horse Beats Competition Without A Rider

  1. Old 1811 – I do that every day at work. Zing!

    Mike AKA Proof – There is a horse track about a mile from my home. My uncle had a party there for his birthday, and I actually won some money playing the ponies. Good times.

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