Not All Redheads Are Pretty

Meet Brittany Reynolds of Fargo, North Dakota.

Brittany decided to stop by St. Mary’s Cathedral to say a few Novenas and apparently pull a statue of Jesus of the church wall.

A topless woman broke into a church in North Dakota and ripped a large statue of Jesus off the wall, causing the sculpture to crash to the floor, according to cops who say the suspect “appeared under the influence of narcotics.”

Police responded Monday evening to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fargo after receiving a report of “a topless female damaging property.”

Normally, I’d be all for that, but for this chick, I’ll make an exception.

Upon arriving at the Catholic church, Fargo Police Department cops spotted Brittany Reynolds, 35, exiting the cathedral. “She had no shirt or bra on and was not wearing shoes.”

First of all, what’s with the awful tattoo? Second, what’s with the five-head she has going? Frightening.

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