True Detective Stories

Hat Tip: Sean Walsh, Philadelphia Inquirer
So Friday night I was sitting at my computer playing video games, when I received a text from my lieutenant. I don’t like getting texts from work on my days off, so this annoyed me.

I certainly didn’t like the text message. “We have orders for Saturday. We are working from 7am to 7pm because of impending riots.” The text wasn’t sent until 8:30pm, a half hour before I go to bed.

You see, some Memphis, Tennessee police officers were arrested after allegedly beating a man to death. The man was black, so now all the usual suspects – Antifa, etc. – are taking to the streets. For some reason, Philadelphia is allowing these thugs to take to our streets, even though the alleged murder happened 1,016 miles away.

Now again, this is not a detective problem; it is a police officer problem. Or it should be. We were told to bring in our riot gear in case we get sent downtown, despite the fact I took the detective test to get away from riot duty.

The city, as always, has no plan for this situation. All we heard was personnel may be deployed to Center City. Since that’s pretty much all we heard, I brought in my riot helmet, and two extra magazines.

The worst part? The city decided they didn’t need us for twelve hours, and not only did they send us home without overtime, they also changed our shift. We came into work at 7am, and they sent us home at 4pmm and they stiffed us out of an hour overtime.

They did the exact same thing during October’s Phillies Detail.

Oh, we are also working twelve-hour shifts today thanks to the f’n Eagles, because none of us really like spending time with our families.

I hate this job. We’re treated like serfs, and they have no problem giving us short notice to change any plans we may have had. Sorry for the bitching, but I’m sick of this place.

20 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. The quiet part is that all 5 police officers are also black.
    The sad/disgusting part is the usual bad actors are still finding a way to blame racism & whitey.

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    1. It never ends. I have three detectives today because everyone else is on the Eagles detail. So we’ll get crushed with jobs through these ten hours, but hey, they’ll probably send us home without our OT again.


  2. My opinion why those five thugs with badges beat the man to death? They have been getting away with it in the past. Their supervisors and leaders did nothing in the past when people complained about their behavior. The bosses probably averted their eyes from the “street justice.”

    Be happy Diego is lazy and stupid, because if he was an aggressive, angry abusive police officer, you know your supervisors would do as little to correct any violent behavior as they have done to correct his lying and sloth.

    My advice? Get another ballistic vest, a heavy leather jacket, and make sure your helmet and face shield are not expired.

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    1. Diego is too fat to hit anyone. As for the Memphis officers, I agree. They probably were is a special unit, and special units can pretty much do what they want. It certainly happens here.


  3. How many days? My only complaint about your fine blog is failure to include this in all your True Detective posts. I’m too old to remember any of those type of stats. Go Eagles! Go straight to Hell, along with the rest of the useless NFL.


    1. 642. I had five hours sleep last night. I’m working another 12-hour day today, and those detectives who are supposed to be at the Eagles Detail are here watching the Eagles. I have four detectives here, and we’re getting our asses kicked, but heaven forbid someone ask if we need help.

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        1. They’re going to win big, and when I’m forced to go to that f’n parade, you will never see me. I don’t deal with people who call me a murderer, or who wants me fired.

          The irony is most of the Eagles fans in my division don’t want to go to the parade. They should be the first ones down there. If the Philadelphia Union won the MLS title, I’d be the first person on the bus.


      1. At least you’re under 2 yrs. Soon, you’ll be under 1, then under 100, then, a 1 digit midget. Thanks for the update.


        1. Yeah, when it gets close the department will ask if I want to put in another year. Normally, I would say yes, because the insurance is our only real benefit, but after the past two days, I think I’ll find another career.


  4. And yes, I get it’s tiresome when I rant about the garbage sports teams here. The Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies have all shown contempt for the police here. I will never support them, and I will never lift a finger for them. Sorry, but you jagoffs started this. Live with it.

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  5. Mike AKA Proof – They’ll win the Super Bowl, and they should, since they had the easiest schedule for the second year in the row. But again, they can put me on the parade route, but I will do less than nothing while there.

    RD – Nope. They’ll send us to the parade, but they usually don’t send detectives to riot detail. Last night, I had four detectives during our 12-hour shift and we handled just under forty jobs.


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