Kansas City Made Sure Their Win Was Lit!

The Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship wasn’t the only excitement in Arrowhead Stadium. In this case, someone started a grass fire outside the stadium, and the fire continue to burn for quite some time. Well done, morons.

A grass fire broke out at Arrowhead Stadium after the Kansas City Chiefs win against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship.

As fans were leaving the stadium, the fire broke out in the parking lot near Gate six. The fire has been put it out and no injuries have been reported.

I’m not a fire marshal, but I’d wager this involved alcohol and jackassery.

6 thoughts on “Kansas City Made Sure Their Win Was Lit!

  1. Mike AKA Proof – True enough. The best from the Eagles win was a bunch or morons standing on top of a bus stop, then fell through the glass and landed on the sidewalk. Hilarious.

    RG – The guys at work still ask me if I’m still a Broncos fan. I always reply, “I was, until they started kneeling. Couldn’t care less about them anymore.”

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