And That’s The Tooth!

A Chinese man had an interesting day while playing basketball in Dongguan, China. The man was playing basketball with some old friends, when he collided with another player.

The player lost two of his teeth, but the teeth were never found.

The unnamed man was reportedly back in his home city of Dongguan, China’s Guangdong Province, for the Lunar New Year, when he was invited to a basketball game by some childhood friends. At one point while trying to recover a rebound, the man collided with another player; at first, he thought the man’s chin had hit the left side of his head, right above the eye, but then he saw the other guy bleeding from his mouth and saying that he had lost two of his teeth. While he went to wash the blood pouring from his wound, everyone else was busy looking for the other player’s teeth, but they were nowhere to be found…

The man had pain in his head and went to the doctor. The doctor said to keep disinfecting the wound, but the wound seemed to be infected.

The man did as the doctor advised, but on the 29th of January, six days after the accidental collision, he noticed a rancid smell coming out of the wound above his eye. Panicked that the cut had become infected, he rushed to the emergency room where doctors thoroughly checked the wound and extracted two chipped teeth from it.

Yeah, the teeth were embedded in the man’s head just above his eye, and so deep that no one noticed.

8 thoughts on “And That’s The Tooth!

  1. How bad was that guy’s dental hygiene that 2 teeth can just come out? And how soft was the other guy’s head that it can imbed teeth that can’t be found?


  2. Gary – I could see if it was a hockey player, but who loses teeth playing basketball? Unable to see the teeth is lost on me. Is Chinese dentistry that awful?

    Veeshir – The player should have braced himself.

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