A Very Nice Gesture

Mrs. Earp showed me this the other day. Kevin’s Sensei Dave wrote a truly touching post on Facebook a day or so after he earned his adult black belt.

I wanted to post this today because 1. I am very proud of Kevin, and 2. I am stuck in training today. Enjoy!

Congrats to Kevin!

Years on the mat here at PMA! He has grown so much as a young man. He has gained so much from his training time. He has struggled and prevailed.

Once a shy little boy, he is now a brave and empowered young man who is willing to try so many different things. He’s very active in school activities and track and field.
And just like the rest of his siblings, he completely dominates his academics, he treats school like it is his career, and he is moving to the top, get that corner office ready.

He’s an active member of our leadership team and demo team. Most of all he’s always been a consistent, hard-working student of the martial arts. I can honestly say he possesses all of the trademark qualities that that most schools advertise a student will receive from their training.

I wish I had this as a kid myself. All these kids are better than I ever was. I am so proud of him.

Congratulations Kevin. Congratulations to your family as they are the ones who helped coach you to be consistent in your work to get to this point.
You have my respect young man.

It’s one to know you are proud of your children, but it’s another thing when people so accomplished say good things about your children.


5 thoughts on “A Very Nice Gesture

  1. MelP – Thanks. Sensei Dave is a great guy and he really dotes on Kevin and Julia.

    RG – He loves karate as much as he loves cross country and track and field. It’s nice he’s making friends and not just sitting home all day.


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