Pro-Life Catholics Kicked Out Of Museum

A group of Pro-Life Catholic students were kicked out of the Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum after two Nazis demanded the group leave because they would not take off their Pro-Life hats. The hats were being worn so the group could easily find any students who get lost.

It was all about blue hats. A group of Catholic school students visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after participating in the annual March for Life. They were asked to remove their hats because of a pro-life message.

The hats had the message “Rosary Pro-life” on them. The students in the group all wore identical hats and they were used for identification purposes. The blue hats helped identify the members of the group and keep them together. Using a piece of clothing is common for school groups. Most use identical t-shirts but hats are used, too. It’s winter and the hats look to be knit hats commonly worn in cold weather.

Funny, you cannot discriminate against minorities or illegals, but it’s always open season against Catholics. The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me.

Last I checked, the Smithsonian is a government building paid for by American taxpayers. I’m pretty certain they cannot be forced out of the museum because they were wearing hats. I’m also certain the Smithsonian will soon be on the wrong side of a First Amendment lawsuit.

Student Patrick Murphy and American Center for Law and Justice’s Jordan Sekulow were interviewed by Fox’s Sean Hannity. Patrick told his story. He said the students were approached by two women dressed in black. They were presumed to be security personnel.

Jordan Sekulow said that legal action is “imminent.”

Excellent. It would be nice if the discriminated students owned the museum after they win their lawsuit.


8 thoughts on “Pro-Life Catholics Kicked Out Of Museum

  1. Ronni – There’s a war on Christmas but there’s a bigger war on Catholics.

    Mike AKA Proof – It’s amazing how quickly America decided people don’t have rights anymore.

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    1. I am not a Catholic, I’m a Lutheran, but I absolutely agree with you that there is a serious big time war on Catholics. We’ve had a number of Catholic church vandalisms in my area and one of the pregnancy centers run by the Catholics got fire bombed awhile back. I refuse to go to church unarmed, it’s a dangerous place.

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  2. We need to learn civil disobedience and making noise all over again.

    You can’t wear that hat!
    No! We are wearing these hats. – Please Identify yourselves, and show me your ID. Your security and entrance staff allowed us into this museum, and they did not bar us from entering. Go get your manager, now! Religious discrimination is illegal. Do you think they will appreciate you causing trouble for them?

    You have to leave.
    No! We are not leaving. We are going to complete our tour and leave on our schedule. Any attempt to harass, intimidate or accost out tour group will be recorded reported to your management, and released to the media. Religious discrimination is illegal. You and everyone involved will be named in our lawsuits.

    If you do not leave, you will be arrested.
    (Sit down in the middle of the exhibit, Holding out my wrists.) Religious discrimination is illegal. Hook me up bitch!

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  3. RG – I think it’s a war on most religious people. The left hates them so they do what they can to attack us.

    RD – Agreed. Religious people don’t really fight anymore, and that’s going to be a problem when Biden and his Stasi keep hitting religious pastor’s homes for insignificant “crimes.”


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