Happy Birthday, Mrs. Earp!

Well, thanks to a terrible night at work, I completely forgot to post about Mrs. Earp. Today is her *mumble, mumbleth* birthday, and since I spent most of my morning getting Kyle’s car an oil change, shopping for the Missus, and going to the gym, I completely forgot to put up the yearly birthday post.

I would normally expect to be yelled at, but I got her what I think are good presents.

Everyone in the family gets their dinner of choice. Not sure if she wants such a thing, but I’ll know in a few hours. Birthdays stink when the entire family isn’t here – Erik being at college – but we’ll try to have a happy day.

Also, for those of you new here, this begins the three birthdays in six days. Erik is tomorrow and Kevin is on Valentine’s Day.

Happy birthday, L. Enjoy the day.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Earp!

  1. When I take the missus out for her birthday, money is no object. She can even supersize it!
    Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Glad you asked.
    Happy Birthday to the missus.

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