She Will Accept The Nomination

When they were in grade school, Kyle and Erik both joined the school band. Kyle was a very good trombone player, and Erik was a really great drummer. Neither continued into high school, because their high school eliminated the band when Kyle was there.

Princess P followed Erik’s footsteps, and had turned into an amazing drummer. On Monday was received word she was nominated for the 2023 Northeast Honor Roll Band.

She was nominated for the Northeastern Honor Band previously, but Covid and other obstacles ended last year’s event.

If you are receiving this email, your child Julia Goodwin was recently nominated and chosen to participate in the 2023 Northeastern Honor Band! The Honor Band is a highlight of the school year and we would like to congratulate you and your child for this prestigious honor! The 70-member Honor Band is comprised of students just like your child that share a love and enthusiasm for making music! This nomination does not just reflect the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication they have to their instrument, but it is evidence of the musical leadership and example they set as a member of their school program!

The concert is on my birthday, and thankfully, I’m off that day.

As the festival approaches, we will be in touch with more specific information about snacks, pictures, video recordings, and other logistics. Given the limited space available in our performance venue, all participants will be limited to 4 tickets for the concert on April 22. A complimentary digital download of the performance (video) is included in the registration fee and will be shared with families shortly after the performance.

Julia’s high school has a band, but I don’t think she wants to join. She is, however, very interested in the Guitar Club, which meets a few times a week to practice the guitar and simply jam with friends.

As always, I’m very proud of Princess P.


9 thoughts on “She Will Accept The Nomination

  1. This is very cool. Looking forward to some video of the performance. It really rankles me when I hear about schools cancelling music or art programs. I’m good at neither of them, but I still know their value. Hope she has a great time in this band. Congrats to all.


  2. Ronni – Thanks. She may have a boyfriend the day after my funeral.

    RG – Kevin was the only one who didn’t want to join the band, but when he was young, he was really shy.

    Viscountess – She wants to try out for Field Hockey, and that would interfere. She wants to play Field Hockey and join the Guitar Club. Mrs. Earp was in the band for her high school years.


  3. If anyone is interested in seeing last year’s virtual performance and you are on Facebook go to Northeastern Music Program and the scroll down to May 27, 2022. It’s only 1 song.


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