Meet “The Beast”

Meet “The Beast,” a 1970’s muscle car created by John Dodd.

The vehicle looks unusual, because it IS unusual. The original motor was a tank engine, and the car had about 2.35 miles per gallon. It’s exactly the kind of car you would want to drive through San Francisco or Seattle.

The Beast is a legendary 1970s muscle car powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 airplane engine that can produce over 750hp and has a fuel consumption of around 2.35 mpg.

After completing the transmission for the car and ordering a custom fiberglass body with the hood almost as long as the rest of the vehicle to accommodate the giant engine, John Dodd completed The Beast in 1972. The car’s unique appearance and technical specifications made it somewhat of an oddity that drew the attention of both passers-by and seasoned motorists. It was featured on television shows and at various events around Europe, but in 1974, when returning from a trip to Sweden, disaster struck.

The vehicle caught fire and was rebuilt. Dodd then changed the engine for something more powerful.

The one-off vehicle caught fire while being transported from a car show, and the damage was so extensive that Dodd had no choice but to rebuild the whole thing virtually from scratch. He did just that, this time fitting it with a Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 airplane engine which had powered the Spitfire and Hurricane fighter aircraft during WW2’s Battle for Britain.

Damn, that’s impressive. The Beast is not exactly good on gas, but it is probably a joy to ride.


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  1. This is the first of the I don’t stop for stupid protesters’ cars. The eco tards would just hate this. I want 2 one in Red and one in camo.

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